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The best way to reduce manual and error-prone vendor-invoice handling is to receive electronic invoices. Singapore is adopting the international e-Invoicing Standard Peppol very fast, however, the chances are that your company’s vendors are not yet sending electronic invoices, but rather PDF-attachments or even hard copies.

We do the

work for you

We help you to receive only Peppol-invoices as early as next week, just allow us to convert your traditional hardcopy or PDF-invoices into Peppol-format on your behalf:

How does it work?

We collect your hardcopies island-wide, and we will receive PDF-invoices on your behalf


Hardcopies will be scanned and the invoice-data converted into Peppol, we use AI-based HQ OCR-technology which ensures 99.5%++ accuracy.

With a guaranteed turn-around time of 24 hours, you receive all invoice-data in Peppol-format straight into your accounting software, always together with a human-readable PDF


With this service, you harvest all the benefits of Peppol e-Invoicing immediately, however the more Peppol-invoices you receive directly from your suppliers, the less you need our conversion-service.

Implementation time

5 days


one time set-up fee


Less than S$ 1.00 per transaction

(volume-dependent, the higher the volume,

the lower the costs per document)

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