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Benefits for small businesses

Faster Payments

  • Invoices are delivered immediately.

  • E-invoices allow for faster processing on the client's end as less manual work is required to process the invoice.

Reduced Manual Work

  • Easy and straightforward creation of invoices.

  • Receive invoices in one standard format.

Improved Client Handling

  • Meet client demands for electronic invoices.

  • No need to align to different formats or login to different vendor portals.

  • Send and receive invoices cross-border to any business partner on the PEPPOL network.

More Efficient Cash Flows and Access to Funding

  • e-invoicing allows for accurate and real-time visibility of the status of payment cycles, enabling more efficient cash flow management for business sustainability and growth planning.

  • e-invoicing also has the potential to enable supply-chain financing in near-real-time, facilitating greater efficiency and transparency that could increase working capital and liquidity.

Benefits for large businesses

Reduced Manual Work

  • Receive invoices in one standard electronic format.

  • No capturing and manual processing of invoice data.

  • Seamless integration of your ERP-system in the Peppol network.

Decreased Error Handling

  • Fully automated transmission of invoice data into your ERP-system minimizes erroneous entries.

  • Significantly decrease the time and effort spend to follow-up and rectify errors later in the process.

New opportunities for vendor management

  • Negotiate cash discounts for early payment of invoices, enabled by the ability to process invoices quickly.

  • Provide your vendors online with status-updates like received, acknowledged and paid (optional)

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