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  • I had an account. How can I now access my Banqup account?
    You should have received an e-mail if your account has been migrated to Banqup. In that mail, you will find a link to activate your account. More info in the following helpdesk article: Activate Banqup account after migration from
  • How can I know if my account has been migrated?
    If you have not received an email from Banqup regarding the migration, then your account has not been migrated. In that case, you can still access your account via
  • Where to find more information about Banqup or Unifiedpost Group?
    Please have a look at the respective websites; and or contact us.
  • I use as an Access Point and not the webportal. Where can I get more info?
    Banqup can also be used as an Access Point. The setup will be done by your software provider or consultant. Users using directly through their accounting or ERP software have not all migrated yet. These individuals are best to contact their software vendor or consultant.
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