Frequently Asked Questions

Can we send invoices directly from our accounting-system?

Yes, we already provide seamless integration into many ERP-systems (e.g. SAP), and we are constantly expanding the list of supported ERP-systems. You can find a list of all currently supported accounting-/ERP-systems here.
If your accounting system is not yet listed, please contact us, we will help you!

If we later want to change to another Peppol Access Point, will that be possible?

Yes, companies can switch to other Access Point-providers at any time. Normally, any change will be handled between the Peppol Access Points directly. Once you sign up with a new access point, and if you have been registered under a different access point before, the new access point will notify the earlier one. The whole process has to be done within 3 working days and there are no costs for the customer.

Can we send invoices to Peppol-participants overseas?

Yes, Peppol is well-established in many European countries, in Australia and New Zealand. Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand are considering to establish Peppol soon. Once connected in Singapore, Peppol allows the seamless transmission of invoices worldwide as long as the recipient accepts the Peppol-format.

How long will it take for Peppol to be established in Singapore?

We expect that this process will take well into 2022, but Singapore being Singapore and because of the commitment of the Singapore authorities, we expect the adoption-rate to be much faster than in other countries. The more companies agree to accept Peppol-invoices, the faster the process. We are certain, that Peppol will be the standard for invoicing not only in Singapore, but in many ASEAN countries.

Will e-invoices be the only document type you can send to your clients or vendors using the Peppol network?

Technically, it is already today possible to send various documents via Peppol. While Singapore is focusing on invoices first, we expect more document-types (POs, Payment Advices) to be exchanged via Peppol.

What is Peppol?

Peppol is an open data standard enabling the exchange of electronic documents between businesses, initially introduced 2008 in Europe and as of January 2019 also in Singapore. In 2020, Peppol was introduced in Australia and New Zealand and more ASEAN countries are expected to join the network soon. The strength of Peppol is that its open structure allows companies to connect only once and then be able to exchange invoices with all other partners in the Peppol network worldwide.
Peppol is technically not limited ot invoices, but can also be used to exchange POs, calalogues etc. However, some of these features are not yet available in Singapore.

Is my data protected in the Peppol network?

Yes, your data is protected by highest-standard encryption and strictest data-protection laws (it is governed by the European GDPR and Singapore's PDPA).

We process more than 100 invoices monthly - how much will I pay?

The Peppol network in Singapore is still growing and as of today not many Singaporean companies will process more than 100 documents per month via the Peppol network. However, encourages companies to switch to Peppol completely. We offer a simple and straightforward tier-based model with no hidden costs. Please see our pricing section.

Why does offer its services for free?

We believe that Peppol will eventually become as normal as email, worldwide. And Peppol will not be limited to invoices, but in the future many other business documents will be exchanged via Peppol, then latest Peppol will be as normal as email.

Today, nobody is paying for eMail. But companies are willing to pay for additional services. Peppol will go the same way. Eventually, the transmission will be free for all, but the Access Point-providers will offer additional valuable services which are paid for.

Today, it is important “to get the ball rolling”, the more companies participate in the Peppol network, the more successful this initiative will become.

As long as you use, connecting companies to the Peppol network and enabling these companies to send and receive up to 100 Peppol documents per month (which is more than most companies need today) is free of any costs.

Electronic invoices create tangible benefits for large corporate buyers which in the future will have much less manual work processing electronic vendor invoices. This is where we apply charges. Please refer to our pricing table to see details.

If we do not want to integrate with any accounting software as we do not have one at the moment, can we still use e-invoicing? Is it from your web portal?

There can be many reasons why companies do not want to connect their ERP-system to the Peppol network right away. In this case, please, use our portal application: 1) It is free 2) It is simple 3) Your company will be in the Peppol network and your business partners can send Peppol invoices to you 4) Our portal forwards all received Peppol invoices as a PDF to a email-box of your choice 5) Once you want to connect directly from your accounting software, you can simply do this anytime

Do we have to pay any registration fees or transaction fees?

No, there are no registration fees. Only once you exceed 100 Peppol-documents per month, charges will apply.

Is there any binding period after we sign up?  What happen if we do not use your portal or if our clients prefer physical copy invoices?

You can change your Peppol Access Point-provider at any time, and you can stop using our portal at any time. But why would you? Please help us to become better by giving us feedback and helping us to improve to serve you better.

In order to send and receive e-invoices, all parties have to be on the Peppol network?

Yes, in order to send and receive Peppol-invoices, both, the invoice sender and the invoice-receiver have to be on the Peppol network. Peppol is like SMTP and allows to transparently send invoices from any Peppol-Access point provider to any other worldwide. Singapore is following Norway and wants to enable 80% of all business to send and receive Peppol-invoices within 3 years. You are part of this initiative once you sign up with Encourage your business partners to sign up with, it is free of any costs, simple and fast. Once signed up with, you can easily configure an automatic forwarding of the Peppol-invoice as “human-readable” PDF to any email-address that your define, so you will never miss an invoice.

Our invoice descriptions can be quite lengthy with breakdown of the cost.  Is there limitations for the characters?

There is no limitation in respect to number of characters for the line-item description

Are there any fields to input payment methods (around 100 words) ie. Bank code, branch code, account name, bank account details, SWIFT code, PAYNOW UEN and etc and also a short sentence of 32 words?

There are not yet any specific fields for bank-information, but you can enter it into the notes-field:

With InvoiceNow, we will provide the possibility to enter the bank-details, and even keep the information as part of your company’s master data.

For Credit note, the same invoice format will be used?

Yes, simple select “Credit Note” under Document Type

Are we able to switch to other Service providers at any time? Will there be any binding period? Do we have to re-register again if we switch to other service providers?

Yes, you can switch at any time and with no associated costs. The switch is normally done immediately, latest within three business days.

Yes, if you company authorizes a new Access Point, this Access Point will have to register you as their client and do the minimum KYC required.

Are we able to upload the invoice attachment as supporting docs?

Yes, you can attach PDF, PNG and JPG with a maximum file-size of 1MB.

Will we receive email alert to notify us when payment has been made by our clients?  Or any invoices received from our vendor?

Yes, you will receive a mail-alert (including a PDF-image of the invoice), once you receive a new invoice. The payment status from customer-side is not yet updated, but this will be a feature of our the future InvoiceNow-portal for certain customers (it requires an integration of the customer’s accounting-system)

Will there be any hotline that we can call if we need help?

You can always reach out to us via eMail, and we strive to reply immediately. A telephone hotline will become part of the premium offerings later this year.

Can I send invoices from the portal to companies that have no Peppol ID but only eMail?

Yes, if you are using the portal-application, you can send invoices either via the Peppol network or as a PDF-attachment via Email.
When you enter your business partner in our portal, the system will regularly check whether the the company has been assigned a Peppol ID and update your business partner list accordingly.

In any case, please always encourage your business partners to sign up with

Does the client need to be registered with Peppol before we can send the e-invoice?

It depends, if you send from you accounting system, then yes, you can only send Peppol-invoices to companies that are already Peppol-registered. You can check this in our portal:

  1. Go to Customer
  2. Click on Find your customer from the Peppol Network
  3. Enter your customer’s company name
If you send the invoice from our portal, the system will forward the invoice via eMail as a PDF-attachment if your customer is not yet in the Peppol network.

Is the Peppol ID unique? What does 0195 in front of our Peppol ID: 0195:SGUEN199607534N mean?

Yes, the Peppol ID is unique, it is like your email-address, and it is used globally. 0195:SGUEN indicates that your company is registered in Singapore. Every country has its own identifier.

Can I change my email address to another email-address so that my colleague can also log in?

This is currently not possible, but this feature will come in the future. For the moment, what you can do is to change your password, and share both, your login name (email) and the new password with your colleague.

Tip: You can enter an email for the forwarding of invoices, so that all received invoices are forwarded as PDF-document to your accounting department (“”).

What does Shipment mode refers to? Is it the products/service or the invoice delivery?

Please understand that this is a simple and rather generic invoice template, we are working to expand it soon. However, many organizations want to mention how goods and services were shipped/provided. You can add your own shipment-mode here:

We are currently using Quickbooks desktop version. Do we still issue our Quickbooks generated invoice in PDF with e-invoice?

Eventually, you may want to create Peppol-invoices directly out of your accounting software. Most accounting solutions already offer an integration. Once integrated, you can send your invoices from within Quickbooks via the Access Point to the Peppol network and vice versa. Until this integration is available to you, please use the portal. Once you create an invoice, you can attach your PDF-copy as a supporting document.

You can find the contact-details of our QuickBook partner on this web-site who will be happy to connect your accounting system directly.

However, in the meantime, simply use the portal, it is free.

Is there a contact person or technical person that I can speak to?

If you have any further questions, you can reach out to us anytime. Please mail to